Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Oh Hello Mr. and Mrs. So and So" by all means let me acknowledge your presence.

So, I am working on a new wave. We live in a place where everyone waves. Driving in the car, people wave. Walking down the street, people wave. We live in a small town, people wave. So you know me. I like people. I wave. But I am starting to think my wave doesn't really give off my true essence. So I am working on some new waves.

How about a salute?  "Too military?"  It's easy while driving but might just be too political. I don't know.

What about genuflecating? It's quite powerful but at the same time most of the folks don't deserve it. Plus it requires you get on your knees but that's not appropriate while driving.

What about the standard "Rock On" sign. Totally eighties, which kind of dates me. And brings some kind of hair band vision. Not great. I'm trying to keep it classy.

What about when someone starts at their forehead and makes a circular motion and bows slightly? What's that called? Again, maybe not appropriate while driving....kind of distracting.

Peace sign? Over used. Not as cool as we think it is.

Pointing straight at the person, acknowledging their presence. Kind of hostile. Might be misread by recipient. Road rage, hell no, just saying "Hi!"  The Man in My Life thinks this might be his new wave.  Such a follower....

Flip them off? Well, some I would like to, but it's a small community. I need to keep it in check.

What about blowing kisses? I can be sweet and thoughtful with my blowing. It will take some by surprise. They won't be sure of my motive. I love that.

Keep 'em guessing. That's how I roll. Kisses it is!  And you didn't even have to vote.   From here on out,  I will blow kisses to everyone who waves. They are going to hate me or think I'm crazy.  Excellent!


  1. You are so right the peace sign is soo not as cool as we think it is and point is very hostile...

    Kissing...I would be scared...but I'm kind of weird lol

    Love to hear how that goes for you :)

  2. HAHAHA! I grew up in a small time and we waved all the time too! I'm glad some communities don't get mad when you're being nice

  3. Cute Pattie, I'm totally going to try out the kissing. Which I forgot to do today while walking dogs and daughter to the bus stop. The dogs did not get on the bus only the daughter. After 2 waves I was all "Holy shit I'm supposed to be kissing." So tomorrow I will start kissing. I'll let you know how it goes.

  4. "Peace sign? Over used. Not as cool as we think it is."

    hahaha SO TRUE!

    MAN, I'm tempted to drive up north just to wave to you and see you blow a kiss!

    P.S. Thanks for your kind words and being excited about the announcement even though you don't crochet or knit. You are a true cyber friend. I promise the next announcement will be even better!

    P.P.S. I'm loving your new blog!