Sunday, April 25, 2010

So I mentioned one unreasonable fear. Today I found another.

Food disposal, sink disposal, waste disposal?  What do we call it?  What's the right word?  Well, I have yet another irrational fear.  Luckily my food disposal doesn't require that I fill that bad boy up with petroleum and cause a static fire.  I fear putting my hand in the disposal.  This morning the disposal was making a weird, grinding noise.  I hated the thought of sticking my fist in that hole.  (That sentence belongs on an entirely different blog, wow.)  But clearly something was wrong.

Why do I question reaching in?  It's not like my other hand is going to reach over and flip the switch.  It's not like some freak electrical malfunction is going to throw the switch and rip my hand to shreds.  It's my mom's fault.  She warned me. OVER and OVER.  Be careful. you'll lose your fingers. Maybe your whole hand.  GROSS!

Today, while reaching in and saying a little prayer I found limes from last night's cocktails.  Those should be in the composter you loser!  ooops.  forgot.  But I also found a torn up piece of "plastic who knows what" that totally doesn't belong in the composter.   Risked my life for that crazy piece of plastic.

Glad to be alive.  Still afraid of the disposal.  Be careful out there, especially in the kitchen.


  1. eww, I know your fear well. I read that sliced lemons and ice cubes disinfect and sharpen the blades at the same time, so I do that. But I whip out the rubber gloves to get the goo out of that thing. And I barely ever throw food down it (we have a compost too,) still it gets grody.

  2. I have that exact fear! It is crazy, I stand over the sink and have to mentally prepare myself to stick my hand in there. My husband says it's because I watched "Firestarter", a Stephen King movie. That has a wicked disposal scene in it. Do what I do, try the cooking tongs and if that doesn't work yell for help and see who comes running =)