Monday, April 5, 2010

I would like Foghorn Leghorn on my forehead please. And, by the way what do you charge for that?

I saw a van with curtains today, at the liquor store.  Vans with curtains make me nervous.  Who buys a van with curtains?  And then if you have a van with curtains, why do you keep them drawn?  It makes me nervous.

Face tattoos make me uncomfortable.  How bad do you have to hate your face to tattoo it?  What about a tattoo will make your face better?

Just a few things I am pondering.  Pondering....

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  1. Hi. I've stumbled onto your blog and it seems you are writing what is in my brain. So far, your fear (read: pumping gas) and rationalizing (read: dog high-chairs) are totally on target :) I'm following...thanks for confirming that I'm not crazy when thinking about this too. Great stuff.