Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Is my irrational fear holding me back?!

I have an extremely irrational fear.  It crept up on me when I was about 35 and has becoming increasingly more present now that I am the big 4-0.  It's a weird one I tell ya' but I'm willing to share it.

I fear pumping gas.  I am certain that I will be that static fire statistic that they show pictures of on the pump.  You know the stick figure that sparks off an explosion at the tank because she wears fleece pants (i.e. snuggy pants) way more than she should.  And said snuggy pants are quite static-y.  Dog hair comes straight off the dog and attaches it self to these pants.  They bunch at the ankles because of the static.

So I have become that gas pumper who gets out of her car and touches her car.  Then I touch the trash can next to the gas pump.  Then I touch the post next to the gas pump.  Touch my car again.  Say a little prayer and then grab the gas handle.  OCD, Nay!  Maybe, okay, probably.

I have looked at the statistics.  The chances of such a fire or explosion are extremely rare (150 cases out of approximately 50 million fill-ups a day) but I'm still considering ditching the snuggy pants.  And not because they unflattering.  They are a fire hazard.


  1. Lol...I worked in a gas station for YEARS, and I did so in snuggy pants as often as possible, which actually only happened when a store was robbed and I had to respond, but, that happened more than a few times. HUNDREDS of women in their snuggy pant PJs pump gas on school runs each day...they all make it. I've even seen a car dragging a muffler on the ground through a bajillion gallon gas spill make it unscathed. You'll be fine. Really. :)

  2. this is why you should move back to Oregon- you have someone else pump your gas!