Saturday, March 13, 2010

If you are so busy strategizing you forget about living!

Had a discussion with The Man in My Life today.  We spend WAY to much time strategizing and a lot less time living. Here's an example.

Took all 3 offspring to see "Alice in Wonderland" in 3D!  today.  We discussed when we should show up at the theater (so we could get a seat)  Should we hit Petco first, do we have time? Maybe you should go see if we can get seats and then we can go from there?  Should we think about running to the store first to get soup for dinner?  You know it will be dinner time when the movie is over?  What do you think?

Once it was determined that we could not get into the theater for seats but we could wait in line we had this discussion.  Should we all wait in line?  Where are the boys?  Do you have a quarter?  Mom, when are you getting some drinks because I am hungry? (oh, wait I'm sorry son the small bottle of rum in my purse is yelling at me so don't talk to me about mixers right now.)

We have now made it into the theater.  Here I am asked... Where should we sit?  Are you sure this is a good spot for 3D perhaps we should be down a row, whatya' think?  Are there 5 in a row?  Should we move down so as not to leave a single seat that no one can use?  I have to use the restroom, should I do that before we get snacks?

Getting snacks was frightening.  What should we get the offspring?  Will they eat that much?  Will they want more?  What do we want?  Should we share a large drink?  Does that small bottle of rum in your purse cover 2 large drinks?  Do you want popcorn?  I don't know, do you?  Now that we have this popcorn, should we put some of that fancy flavoring on it?  Do you think there is too much sodium in that stuff?  Aren't we watching our sodium intake?

We spend WAY to much trying to figure out what the fuck is going on.  In the meantime, we miss most of what's going on.  We are trying to get everywhere faster, quieter, stronger, louder, bigger, better, smaller and God knows what else.  All the while, no one is looking at us and everyone is looking at us too.

Live without Strategy, you will be surprised how nicely it will work out and finally someone will have just made a decision.  Finally.


  1. That made me laugh (okay, snort) out loud because it's so familiar.