Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I don't need Nostradamus, this makes it very clear to me.

So, whilst browsing a stupid catalog I received in the mail today I came across a little summin, summin'.

It is exactly why I know that the end of the world is near.  Very near.  Check it out please and then go build a safe room or a cellar or something.  Just build baby.

The Pet High Chair.

Satisfying a mutual desire for companionship, this high chair permits your dog or cat to accompany you at the dinner table. The high chair clips securely to tables up to 2" thick and its height adjusts without tools to elevate your pet to near eye level. It has a frame of powder-coated 5/8" steel tubing and its arms are rubber-coated so they will not mar table surfaces. By providing an alternative to sitting on your lap, running disruptively underfoot, or outright banishment, the chair assuages a pet (and its owner's) frustration, and promotes more refined behavior. The chair's 600-denier tan/brown nylon fabric cleans easily. Two tethers on the chair protect your dinner guests against any lapses in etiquette. Folds for convenient storage and travel. For pets up to 10 lbs. 10" H x 12" W x 9 1/2" D. (4 lbs.)

This thing cost $49.95!    Seriously?  This satisfies a "mutual desire for companionship"?  This worries mel  And some poor schmuck had to write that copy.  Oh dear Lord, the end is near. 

Forgive my sarcasm but you gotta be shittin' me?!


  1. If a cat wants to join you for dinner, he'll just jump up in the middle of your table. I would *love* to see someone try to put my Persian in that contraption. They would be likely to lose a few fingers.

  2. Where is the one for my Newfie-mix? Wait, if he wants at the table he just puts his head up there - silly me. YUCK!

  3. my neighbor has this miniature poodle who is the sweetest dog ever. Only it wants to be held all the time. The solution? I gave her one of my old baby slings. That dog is so spoiled. But so cute. But eating food at the dinner table with dogs is where I draw the line.

  4. just saw this atrocity on my favorite website, dlisted.com, but i saw it here first!!!