Thursday, February 25, 2010

Calling all Beautiful and Funny People, You know who you are!

My self esteem is in the shitter.  I hate this time of year.  I need the sun and some money.  God I need the money.  And some sort of self worth.  I don't got it right now.  I want to be brilliant.  My kids are sucking the brilliance.  Actually they are the brilliance I just showed up to sign permission forms.

I'm cool.  I just want to be cooler.  I used to have so much more style.  I've lost a bit, I want to get it back.  It will come.  Right?  Indeed.  My brother and I discussed the power of attractiveness and humor.  Are relatively attractive and funny people treated better than those who lack humor and good looks?  I think so.

What do you beautiful and funny people think?  (I mean it.)


  1. Not labeling myself as funny or beautiful, but, I think you're right. Back in my bartending days, I would honestly gravitate more to, not beautiful per se, but, kempt people. Also, I like funny better than the alternatives. Serious makes me uncomfortable, boring is...well, boring, and overly kind people skeeve me out, because I just don't get it. I think that you're probably right based on my own experience.

    As a mother who frequently forgets to take care of herself because she is busy taking care of children, I feel less worthy of people's attention and respect when I'm off my game, so to speak. Wishing for invisibility isn't outside the realm my coping strategies.

  2. totally. utterly.
    HOWEVER... the ugliest person in the world, when feeling good and confident, is rocking it. its when we try to be some 'other' kind of beauty than what we are, that we get all awkward and crazy...
    february is ending... soon, soon.... :)

  3. Hey beautiful girl!!! Look outside right now. Look at the grass, the branches the weeds that used to be flowers. Yuck! Which bridge would you jump off if you had to look at that all year? HOWEVER, underneaththose brown shriveled leaves and straw colored grass is frenetic energy ready to freak'n explode into color and beauty! It just needed a little time to gather itself, decide what it wanted to be this spring and set out a plan. That's were we all are right now, our sallow skin and fluffed up bodies are ALMOST ready to shed the winter!

    You are one of the most magnetic, brilliant (smart and in the cute British way too), stylish, distinctive people I know! Spring is almost here dont give up, dont dispair -- just wait for it-- annnnd BAM!!!

    As for the money, I got nothing for you!
    loves Allison