Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Aboriginal People SHOULD be pissed. They are NOT having a gay old time.

Did you see it?  Did you watch the nonsense?  Oh my hell, the Russian Ice Dancing Team just pissed the shit out of me.  There has been some controversy over their costumes. Their costumes?  That's what we are talking about?  What about the actual routine? It sucked, sucked bad.  It was like the Flintstones gone bad! Did you see their facial expressions at the end?  These are adults and this is their job and they can consciously make those faces at each other and get paid to do it?  I know what you are thinking, Olympic athletes are amateurs, they don't get paid.  Hell ya', they do.  They are RICH!   And, how does the Aboriginal leader, whoever he may be have access to Ice dancing and the costumes and  routines that are being competed in International Ice Dancing?

I'm so confused.   The Russians and their Fred and Wilma outfits which were not well made and totally distracting have gotten a shit load of attention for their lameness.  The Aboriginal people are proud.  They should be, but they have an inside track to what's going on in Ice Dancing? Really?  They know what's going on in this arena?   Don't they live in the Outback with no T.V. no radio, no internet?  It's shocking!  I am so fucking confused.

I love the Olympics but it's got me all in a bunch.  I don't get who's who and what's what and what not?  I will continue to watch.  But WHAT UP!?  Off to eat a bloomin' onion, because that's the only thing that will make me feel better.

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  1. Nothing will make me feel better. I didn't get to see USA beat Canada in hockey because flipping NBC was showing ice dancing. If they had just shown the game, we could all be rejoicing with National pride. But, dancing had to piss both of us off.