Saturday, February 6, 2010


I want to be in Florida.  Hanging with The Man in My Life.  No kids.  KIDS!  Just reading magazines, books, each other's palms.  I want to be away from reality.


  1. dude. that is the first music video i have seen on purpose in the past four years. and the kids didn't even rush the computer while it was on. i understand the jealousy to run away. i do. dave always does that to me, makes me long for collegey type romance and escape to where i can listen to him all day...

  2. I'm in Florida. I hate it. It'll be in the 20's tonight. Wanna trade? I'll take your three and your breast implants, you can have my six and my tush implants? Oh, and I have way too many pairs of Mom jeans. *sigh* Mom jeans seem to know their place, and the denim hides the snot, from the noses that get wiped on them as a result of the 3.4 million tantrums I witness a day, better than anything mildly fashionable. *sigh* Right now I am wearing khaki capris that have a mixture of nose bleed residue, spit up, peanut butter, and doggie dander stuff all over them...I can't wait to pull my Mom jeans out of the dryer.