Monday, February 1, 2010

"The coolest people on Earth" don't seem that cool.

We watched the Grammy's last night.  Of all the award shows, it's my favorite.  Maybe because it moves faster than the others, maybe because there is more entertainment.  I don't know what it is.  For the most part, it was really lame.

Sick of Taylor Swift much?  I am really tired of that child.  We love Stevie Nicks, she's cool.  But singing with Taylor Swift.  Uggh.  It was painful.

Green Day.  Awesome.  I would travel to New York to see American Idiot on Broadway.  They just come off as cool.  They are probably dicks but they seem cool.

Pink was incredible.  Loved the silk ribbon acrobatics.  Way better than the Beyonce's  dancing.  I usually like Beyonce but those head spins, where she was whipping her hair around were just plain ridiculous.

The act with Eminem and Drake and Lil' Wayne could have been interesting but unfortunately the whole thing had to be censored.  I kept asking The Man in My Life if something was wrong with the television.  Seriously is loses it's effect when you can't hear the words.

Quentin Tarantino looks like Elvis Presley.  And his attempt to sound hip and urban was just embarrassing.  He makes us 40 year old white folks look ridiculous.

I'm kinda thinking I want those two and a half hours of my life back.  But you can guarantee I will watch again next year.  Narcissist and Hypocrite.


  1. So we don't have tv (cable etc.) at our house, just movies. Therefore we don't get to see all of these shows. Although we will probably be at a Super Bowl party and we'll even see some of it when we are not enjoying the party. I would love to hear your take on the best part, the comercials and then the half-time show.

  2. you forgot about the creepiness of michael jackson's kids! but pink WAS awesome.