Tuesday, February 16, 2010

You like me, you really, really like me. Or not.

So I was wondering how to drum up some viewers?  listeners?  lookers?  voyeurs?  Whatever, just check me out?  Well guess what happened.  Met one. Met a viewer.  She recognized me.  Via my picture.  My really lame, self-taken picture.  Have another drink kinda picture.  She wasn't scary.  She was nice and normal and nice.

We talked.  I liked her.  I think she liked me.  It was cool.

So, there are three still three.  I love you three. Thanks, would you recognize me on the street?  I am memorizing your faces so that I will know you on the street.  I  must travel to see you but who knows, stranger things have happened.

Shout out to my followers, you make me happy!


  1. i thought it was pretty ironic, tooo... maybe the universe was listening and laughing too.
    um, i need more money and/or pay for the one I have... now i'll just wait... :)

  2. Your writting is just what I need when I read it, it makes me crack a grin. How weird to run into someone like that. I guess it puts a body to our faces.

  3. And then there were four.

    I've been reading, but, my children (when they aren't writing and publishing on my blog) usually need me "NOW, now, NOOOOOW MOM" every time I crack a smile and attempt to interact with other adults. Sorry it took me this long to say hi.