Saturday, February 20, 2010

A couple of things.

Did you read the Wall Street Journal business section (ok, we get the abbreviated version in our Sunday paper) that blogging is passe. Old school.  No one wants to read more than one paragraph.

Just when I get something, it's considered out of touch, no longer cool, I SUCK.   Fer reals?!  I don't Twitter.  Don't even know how to Twitter.  Don't want to Twitter.  The Man in My Life finds all of this ridiculous.  Twittering, blogging, Facebook...tiresome, ridiculous, overly overt. But  wait, blogging?  I like you people.  I think you are smart and funny and smart.  I'm not giving up.  I've lived long enough to see the cycle.  It happens.

Guess what Twitter won't be forever.  Twitter is weird.

Second and totally off base... she who is my 12 year old saw a taxi driver smoking in cigarette in his taxi.  Gross. We live in Utah. Only a few of us smoke and those of who dream to smoke are smoking cloves.

But just gross. If I owned that cab company, you would not be allowed to smoke in the cab.  We have money to make damn it.

Allright and Amen.  And then see ya' later.


  1. Blogging isn't old school...blogging is my tenuous grip on reality. Without it, the only people I would ever talk to would be Dora and Handy Manny. (Of course, I still say 'boo-yah' too, so, what the heck do I know?)

  2. I'm glad that you took it longer than one paragraph. Those startched suits on Wall Street don't know anything.