Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You all have been so kindly commenting.  Why thank you.  I love the comments.  Does anyone know how I can get an email notification for each of your comments.  I really need the instant gratification!  Really, I just need to know when a new comment shows up without checking in and trying to remember how many had commented an hour earlier!  Honestly.  How about I get a job?  Like a real job, where I have to show up in something other than my pajamas and just because it's 5:00p.m. I can't automatically pour myself an adult beverage.

Lord help my Narcissistic self.


  1. My last office job involved a fully stocked beer/wine fridge. Leave a quarter, take a beer.

    Go to comment moderation. From there it is easy. While you're there, think about enabling comment replies to your email address.

    If you need more help you can shoot me an email, mymommyneedsatimeout@gmail.com.

  2. Go to Settings, then to Comments, then go to the bottom and put in your email address where it says Comment Notification Email.

  3. I am so totally there with you. I didn't start getting e-mail notification until about a month and a half ago. It really does inflate your head when you open your e-mail and see that you have blog comments.

  4. Yes, I was a cute pregnant girl. If by cute you mean as big as a house. :) Don't worry, I'll have another. But since this little guy is only six months old, I think I'll hold off for a while! Glad I could help with your blog question. Oh, and don't give me any credit for being a Utah girl as I'm really a Texas girl. Sorry.

  5. yay! i got everybody to sleep! ehem. i mean, hubby and boy 1 are on the sofabed downstairs and the boy2 just passed out up here so wahoo . and everybody already told you all the goods you need to know! hmph.
    hope all is well in UTAH!!